Hypocrisy and Ignorance Legislated

Dan Beeman
2 min readJul 15, 2022

Joe Manchin is a selfish turncoat. And that is the nicest thing I can say about him. He has no integrity or moral compass.

Here is what he did:

Manchin Pulls Plug on Climate and Tax Talks, Shrinking Domestic Plan https://nyti.ms/3o2lNsb

I am a capitalist. I enjoy a free market and the benefits of earned abundance.

But I don’t hate communists or think of communism as evil.

I feel sorry for them as a society because they misinterpreted human nature: Human beings are essentially selfish. That is our human nature. At least, most of us in the USA.

We’d rather cut taxes than provide health insurance or health services.

We’d rather praise the super wealthy than help the poor.

We’d rather save $1 per gallon of gas than save the planet for future generations.

We’d rather save a coal mining job instead of invest in clean energy solutions.

We hold material possessions and consumption in higher esteem and with greater priority than empathy and sacrifice.

For example, on average, professional salesmen earn more than professional teachers.

A legislator earns more than a social worker.

A CEO who gets paid a huge salary and cuts jobs is considered great at his job and gets rewarded for it.

If the authentic spirit of communism is that people use their abilities to help others meet their needs and that everyone contributes something to help each other; how do we consider that evil?

If socialism is softer than communism, how is it also hated and condemned as evil?

Different. Sure. But evil? Why?

And Joe Manchin? His reason for rejecting life-saving, earth-saving, humanity-saving legislation? Not logic. Not reason. Pure. Utter Selfishness.



Dan Beeman

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